• medical waste containers
    Medical Waste Containers
  • Healthcare waste containers
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  • medical waste containers


Every day, millions of tons of infectious waste are produced in the world. The manipulation and transport of this waste needs to be as simple and safe as possible, while minimizing the risks involved.



  1. Risk reduction

    When using our products, you reduce the risks faced by health workers and companies involved in the management and disposal of waste.

  2. European leader in the development of new products

    Sanypick is the European leader in the development of new products, providing security and simplicity to achieve maximum profitability for our customers.
    We currently have 36 worldwide patents.

  3. Adaptation to meet the needs of the customer

    Our products suits the different needs and particularities of each country bringing the customer design and innovation. Should we not have the container that you need, we design it for you!

  4. Our containers are manufactured in accordance with the international standards.
    • FDA Food and Drug Administration
    • ISO International Organization for Standardization
    • NF X Norme Française (French Standard)
    • ADR European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
    • APPLUS (LGAI) Applus+ Laboratories (LGAI Technological Center S.A.)