Innovative products adapted to market needs

We offer solutions that protect both staff and organisations, as well as patients and customers.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of clinical waste management product development. Our experience and more than 36 worldwide patents back us up.

We started exporting our products in 1996 and we currently have distributors on all continents. Consult our sales department to find your nearest distributor.

We grow with the challenges posed by our customers, creating and adapting our products to their needs. We are constantly innovating and automating our production processes in order to be able to offer our customers more sustainable products.

We know that it is very complicated to manage and classify waste properly, working under the pressure of wanting to save lives. For this reason, our aim is to simplify and facilitate the management and handling of healthcare waste in order to reduce the risks for healthcare personnel.


Medical Waste Containers

We have a great team of professionals that offers advice and exhaustive information on any of our products, as well as on all the regulatory requirements that affect our products. We provide our clients with all the necessary means to develop their projects in the most profitable, efficient and economical way possible.