Committed to sustainability

Awareness of Sustainability Issues

Different quality certifications guarantee our products. We work according to the strictest international regulations in terms of safety.

The manufacturing sector is responsible for around 20% of global CO2 emissions. This percentage shows that sustainable production is no longer just an option, but must become a business goal.


Envisioning and working towards a sustainable future


The energy used in the manufacture of our products comes from several wind farms located in Europe.

We currently manufacture products that contain from 30% recycled material to 80% recycled material.
The recycled material we use comes from boxes used for agriculture.

Sanypick under EuCertPlast. The EuCertPlast Certification is a European wide certification program for companies that recycle post-consumer plastic waste. The aim of the of this certification is to recognize plastic recyclers operating to high standards.
The certification Scheme is jointly conducted by EPRO, EuPC, Recovinyl & PRE.

Our commitment to the SDGs

It is never too late to develop our environmental awareness