Recycled Biosecure – New range of containers
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Posted On: 08/29/2022

Recycled Biosecure – New range of containers

We are committed to a more responsible future. At Sanypick Plastic we work every day to improve and introduce recycled materials in our products. Our Research and Development and Innovation Department keeps working in order to innovate and to create more environmental friendly products while pursuing excellence in our production processes.

The energy used in the manufacture of our products comes from several wind farms located in France, Spain, Italy and Northern Europe. We currently manufacture products that contain from 30% recycled material to 80% recycled material.

Our new range of recycled Biosecure containers moves towards meeting its sustainability objectives by minimising the use of virgin materials. This innovative product with a high percentage of recycled material can be adapted to meet the needs of the user; it’s been designed to optimise space in transport and achieve maximum profitability for our customers.

Discover the complete range of recycled Biosecure manufactured with reliable and efficient solutions based on the most advanced renewable technologies by clicking here.Biosecure Reciclado

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